Welcome to appalling nonsense dot co dot uk, home to some of the most singularly objectionable publications ever committed to print, produced by Gareth Brookes and published by Banal Pig comics! Steve Tillotson and Gareth Brookes began Banal Pig comics in the summer of 2005. Back in those days Garethís role was limited to occasionally writing one of his trademark rhymes for Steveís comic Banal Pig. However one day he noticed he could draw quite well. After this nothing could stop him and Banal Pig now boasts more than a dozen mighty publications to its name! To see more of them refer yourself to banalpig.com/blog. All of Gareth Brookes comics are home made and lovingly hand crafted from the finest materials.

Longtime appallingnonsense and ahhh distro co-conspirator J Homersham has a website! See her pun - believable art work from the comfort of your office chair, or if you have wi fi, from a different sort of chair. The image above is a self portrait from the recent portraiture exhibition at Orbital Comics. You can also see her cake making comic in the brand new Ink and Paper anthology! It's all here.

After an agonising hiatus man man is back! Watch him blundering through a series of misadventures as he unsuccessfully attempts to navigate life on the wrong side of 30. Observe him discredit himself in the bedroom! Try to prove that he is still cool! clumsily solicit love acts! and misguidedly get hitched! There's something here for everyone, except of course that silent but significant minority that don't like laughing. Proving that even in these financially ruinous times man man is still the preferred pamphlet of the working class, it's price remains only £1 (plus p&p)! Take that George Osborne you fascist!

Boys Boys Boys!
Boyhood! How the very word rallies the blood and reddens the cheek of the whiskey befuddled, rum sodden old buffer and transports him back to the mischievous shenanigans of his own youth! Me and Banal Pig cohort Steve Tillotson have pulled out all the stops to bring forth this educational and instructive pamphlet on the art of Boydom, reach down deep inside and touch you inner boy for a mere £3 plus postage!!

Have you ever dreamed of working in a real life Loading Bay? Of conversing with genuine Van Drivers? Of sharing the highs and lows of Stock Room life with a dynamic team of ambitious young Stock Room Staff? Of feeling the thrill of climbing your way towards a bright lucrative future in the world of Stock? No? Oh dear. Because Iíve just finished a 64page epic on that very subject. Looks like Iíve wasted my fucking time then.

I will be premiering this publication at Thought Bubble Festival and Comica '08 but if you canít wait that many days buy it here now!

Woman Woman 1
Want to know how to lose weight AND feel great? Want all the latest hot celebrity gossip? Want to know which stars are hiding baby bumps and which ones are just plain bumpy? Want hot tips on the latest fashion MUST haves? How about winning a celebrity makeover worth £10,000? Want to see the most appalling celebrity plastic surgery disasters? Want us to reveal the top ten sexy ways to keep your man and uncover the one hundred and one ways to tell if heís cheating? If the answer to all these questions is NO then woman woman is the comic for you! Woman woman is the comic for the sassy but classy, independent, go getting modern girl who knows what she wants and isnít afraid to go get it but at the same time doesnít in any way come across as threatening, pushy or unattractive! Check it out here.

Man man Christmas special!
Jesus was a man who preached about abstinence, the dignity of poverty and the dangers of greed. So what better way to celebrate his birthday than indulging in a month long orgy of gluttony, consumerism and inebriation. And what could make you look more fetching as you drunkenly sexually assault a work colleague, than sporting the man man Christmas special party hat? Is it a comic or a party hat? Why itís both! The perfect stocking filler for anyone who breathes air or eats food, the man man party hat cleverly satirises the horrors of the Christmas season whilst cynically cashing in. So donít be a scrooge! Withdraw your membership of Oxfam today and use the money to make this an unforgettable Christmas for you and your loved ones by ordering a dozen party hats today!! Simply click here!

New Comic, ďThe Smell of the WildĒ!
The wildlife of Britain is under threat! And not from pollution, a far greater enemy is afoot; Man. Thatís why nearly every penny of profit from this fine book of serious poetry will be spent on the authors tireless quest around the British isles by road, plane and sometimes even on foot, to record in verse the ageless beauty of our countryside. Oil painting in the Cotswolds recently the author was struck by the thought that many Ďsophisticatedí city types have probably never experienced the simple pleasure of smelling a flower, looking at the sky, or feeling the rain on their faces. Emptying his bucket of white spirit into a nearby lake, the author vowed that only he himself, touched by the blessed gift of poetry, was possessed of the power to enlighten the less fortunate masses. To buy this, refer yourself here!

The History of Man Man

Man man first made an appearance as a crude sketch in my notebook sometime in early 2003. It took three years of painstaking work to develop that first sketch into the man man we all know and love today.

Despite all my efforts to the contrary, the past year has seen dozens of publicity hungry celebrities jump on the man man bandwagon.

As this young lady fled the unsolicited attentions of the paparazzi, she brandished a copy of man man 1 conspicuously.

The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince, who is now known as prince, cements the popular success of his recent comeback tour by proudly displaying his banal pig purchases. Look how big they appear in his diminutive clutches!

About the author:

This first appears in the BP Portrait anthology published by Banal Pig 2007

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